It was amazing to see the Fulford Arms so busy again, especially for such a freezing Monday night...far from beach weather.

Thanks to PSKPRMTNS for letting us get in on the action, it was great to see you all down there again. What a top line up, Red Recluse, PH7 and Tommy Rot, the place was full and everyone was having a great time.

The Corsairs kicked off the evening, mixing up the set a bit starting with Prime time television, followed by another pretty new track "He's a horror". We also heard the first every airing of a new acoustic number, "She trips and then she falls", with Matthew stepping out from behind the drums to add electric guitar and lush tremolo.

Continuing with the usual mid-set acoustic numbers (Office block, B-Side and Chewing gum) and finishing up with City song and the upcoming release Jackie the know it all, with a guest appearence from JakeMc their very own Bez...check out the video.