City Song

City Song is basically a live recording, just three instruments – guitar, bass, drums – and a vocal, so nothing fancy, no over dubs, no double tracking.

Taken from our session at The White Rooms in York and released as a b-side to Jackie the know it all.

It’s live and raw, it’s basically one, two, a massive slide down and you’re off, in it together for better or’s a bit like riding your bike down a hill without brakes, enjoy the thrill but just hope it’s going to end well!

Available to stream on all the platforms including Spotify and Soundcloud.

And it’s the same old crowd. You saw last night. She came and asked for a light. She calls him up on a Bakelite telephone, monotone and he tells her that he left...

Their innate sense of fun comes across in their songs...yet their lyrics dig a little deeper...showing a maturity that belies their years. ‘City Song’ has a similar vitality to ‘Jackie’, with Matthew’s drumming once again serving as the backbone.

Sara Seddon
The Bucket Playlist
Matthew at The White Rooms