The Bucket Playlist is all about the songs you can’t do without, songs that really resonate. Songs you keep going back to but also in young bands and artists who are just starting out and composing incredible music.

So it was a real pleasure to be contacted by the lovely Sara from the Playlist asking for an interview and chat about our first twelve months as The we started, what we’ve been doing and what we’ve got planned for the future. Read the full article here.

A very big shout goes out to @MickleDJ (go the Tigers!) for putting us on The Bucket Playlist’s radar. Absolute star!

Also, check out all the amazing tracks on the 10th February playlist...including our track Jackie the know it all.

Incredibly infectious track ‘Jackie the Know It All’, replete with stadium-worthy overdriven guitars and Matthew’s powerful, no holds barred drumming. It’s easily one of my favourite songs of the year.

Sara Seddon
The Bucket Playlist

The teenage band, which formed almost a year ago, comprises best mates...

Ned Swarbrick  (vocals/guitar), Bryn Wade (bass) and Matthew Lilley (drums/guitar), drawing influences from The Libertines, The Kooks, Jake Bugg and The Coral. ‘We had a burning desire to be The Strokes,’ Ned quipped. ‘When we started doing it, I don’t think many people our age (14-15) were going to gigs, we’re a gateway to that...

Storytelling is the bridge to it all, it’s therapeutic.

In January, they released their incredibly infectious track ‘Jackie the Know It All’...Ned’s wry, observational lyrics, which are delivered in an original, cheeky way, make him a voice to remember: ‘I think all of my songs, they could be pinned on something but I don’t think they really are,’ he said thoughtfully. ‘I can imagine this song in my head as two people down by the river.

It didn’t have the intro part at the beginning but I was listening to a lot of Arctic Monkeys (laughs) and their song ‘From The Ritz To The Rubble’, I wanted to write something like that. I start with the chords and melody.’ Matthew nods: ‘A lot of the time, we turn up at rehearsal and Ned has a song,’ he said. Ned grins: ‘And they adapt it and make it a masterpiece. We don’t take ourselves that seriously, you’ve got more to lose if you expect it to be perfect.’

Ned describes ‘Primetime Television’ as ‘similar to ‘Jackie’, it follows a story’: ‘It’s about a night out – not that we’ve had (laughs) – that ends with two people fighting in the street. It’s all about people watching, there’s loads of things to write about, just out on the street each weekend.

The song is a jaunty romp that tries to capture the essence of the carnage at the end of a Saturday night on the town. Sonically, it’s in a similar same vein as ‘Jackie’, it drives along nicely, but it probably has a bit more space to breathe. It even has a very rudimentary solo, which is very progressive for us, it’s definitely a song to jump around to!’

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