Out 12th April 2024...

"Blues and the Brown" demonstrates the other side of The Corsairs...a little bit indie folk, a little bit country...with hints of Belle & Sebastian.

Due for release on 12th April, "Blues and the Brown" is taken from The Corsairs first outing to the Trevor Jones studio at York University. Recorded, mixed and mastered by friend and student Hsuan-Yu Yeh 葉宣妤 (Sherry). Thanks Sherry xx

We've also been lucky enough to get some plays on the radio. Many thanks to Mixoposure (YorkMix Radio), YOYO and The Vortex (Jorvik Radio) and Indie Jukebox (Radio Wigwam) for giving us a spin.

Checkout the video and lyrics here...

Absolute star and friend of The Corsairs, Anaëlle, has worked out a French translation of "Blues and the Brown" for us. It'd be awesome to re-record the vocals and do a translated version of the track.

Thank you for this, it's brilliant...

Blues and the brown French translation - Page 1
Blues and the brown French translation - Page 2
The Corsairs recording at Trevor Jones studio