York Festival of Ideas 2023

As part of York Festival of Ideas 2023, we played at the Navigators Art event in The Basement, City Screen, York.

For the 2023 York Festival Of Ideas local collective Navigators Art & Performance has lined up some wonderful bands, singers, poets and more to help celebrate the Festival theme of Rediscover, Reimagine, Rebuild.

As part of the Hidden Treasures mixed media visual exhibition at York Explore (2-16 June), the performance event LIVING TREASURES brings these fascinating things to life on stage at The Basement, City Screen.

Checkout a video of our hidden treasure, a banging tune, I Love My Guitar from 90's York band The Clangers. Many thanks to Jess for suggesting it and to our friend Al Murphy for letting us play it...hope we did you proud.

Watch the all the performances, including more from us, on the Navigator's Art YouTube

Extraordinary selection of local talent

A great night, top venue and extraordinary selection of local bands and singers (both upcoming and established), published poets, exciting spoken word performers and more, including:

  • Danae Arteaga Hernandez
  • Miri Green
  • Dylan Thompson
  • Cai Moriarty
  • Richard Kitchen
  • The Corsairs
  • Thomas Pearson
  • The Mermaidens of White Sail